Culture & Heritage

Gandhinagar represents splendid cultural legacy of Gujarat through its significant artwork, craftsmanship and arts including wood carvings. Fine examples of wood carvings can be found in temples and monuments. The craftwork of artisans on daily-use utensils and objects. The native tribes in Gandhinagar specialize in making exclusive ethnic jewellery and terracotta work.

Festivals Celebrated in Gandhinagar
The major festivals that are celebrated in Gandhinagar are as follows:
Uttarayan: This is the kite flying festival that is celebrated annually on 14th or 15th January.

Navratri: The festival is attributed with dance performances at different venues throughout Gujarat. Apart from Garba, there are other dance forms that are practiced by the people of Gandhinagar such as Dandiya and Raas. Raas is a dance form that is very colorful and at the same time energetic and it is a dance form in which expressions, eye contact, rhythm and body language play a very important role.

Gujarati New Year and Diwali: Diwali is celebrated with great show and excitement by the people of Gandhinagar.

Holi: Holi is another festival celebrated in Gandhinagar.

Gujarat Sthapana Divas: Gujarat Sthapana Divas or the Foundation Day of Gujarat is also celebrated like a festival in Gandhinagar. It is celebrated on 1st May every year. The area around Sachivalaya and Vidhan Sabha and the entire area up to Mahatma Mandir is lighted up on this day.

Vasant Utsav: It is celebrated during winters.

Traditional Attires of People in Gandhinagar
The traditional attire of men include Kurtas and Dhotis, Kedia and even Bandis. Kedia is a tight-fitting coat with long sleeves. It has frilled pleats at the waist. The borders and the shoulders of this coat are embroidered. Women wear Chania-Choli during festivals and other special occasions. Though in the main city people wear modern outfits but in rural areas people wear these traditional wear. The women also use veil cloth called dupatta or odhni that renders a final stroke to the entire outfit. This veil cloth is taken over the head or across the neck.