Places of Interest

Adalaj StepWell

adalaj stepwell

Adalaj step-well is a popular tourist attraction of the city and is situated 18 km. south of Gandhinagar. The well was built in 1499 A.D. by Queen Rudabai. The step well or Vav, as it is called in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is several stories in depth. The designs on its walls and pillars include, leaves, flowers, birds, fish and other breathtaking ornamental designs. In the past, these step wells were frequented by travellers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes.There is an opening in the ceilings above the landing which allows the light and air to enter the octagonal well. However, direct sunlight does not touch the flight of steps or landings except for a brief period at noon. Hence some researchers say that the atmosphere inside the well is six degrees cooler than the outside. Another remarkable feature of this stepwell is that out of the many stepwells in Gujarat, it is the only one with three entrance stairs. All three stairs meet at the first storey, underground in a huge square platform, which has an octagonal opening on top. The vav is a spectacular example of Indo-Islamic architecture and design.

Akshardham Temple


Akshardham Gandhinagar is one of the largest temples in the Indian state of Gujarat. The temple complex combines devotions, art, architecture, education, exhibitions and research at one place. It was inaugurated on November 2, 1992, during the centenary celebrations of Yogiji Maharaj. The complex is very popular among tourists visiting Gujarat.

The monument enshrining the seven foot high, gold-leafed Murti of Lord Swaminarayan is the focal point of the complex. The majestic, intricately carved stone structure stands amid sprawling gardens. Six thousand tonnes of pink sandstone was used in building the monument which is regarded as an architectural masterpiece. The structure measures 108 feet (33 m) in height, 240 feet (73 m) in length and 131 feet (40 m) in width. The colonnade around the monument is 1,751 feet (534 m) in length.

Indroda Park

indroda  park

The Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park in the Gandhinagar in the state of Gujarat, India, has been described as the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. The Park was set up by the Geological Survey of India and is the only dinosaur museum in the country.

The Park is run by the Gujarat Ecological and Research Foundation (GEERI) and is regarded as India’s Jurassic Park. Several fossilised dinosaur eggs and skeletal parts have been found here. The fossils which were found in Upper Cretaceous formations in the region date back 65 million years ago. The eggs are of different sizes, some the size of cannon balls. Fossil trackways of these gargantuan animals are also on display in the park.

Dandi Kutir

dandi kutir

Dandi Kutir is India’s Largest & Only Museum built on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. It represents Mahatma Gandhi’s powerful idea of people across lines of class, gender, age and community asserting their common right to salt itself: a symbol to inspire a pluralistic society to march towards independence, Purna Swaraj.

A glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi’s early life is beautifully portrayed with the help of audio- visuals. From his birth on 2nd October 1869 in Kathiawad, to his childhood when he was a shy , remarkable and unique student. It also traces his marriage to Kasturba and his experiments with youth.

Dandi Kutir Museum, Gandhinagar is kept open for the general public from January 2015 by Archaeology and Museum office under the Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Government of Gujarat.

This museum is specially designed based on the Biography of Mahatma Gandhi-the initiator of Disobedience and nonviolent campaign for Independence of India. This museum is designed with sophisticated electronics Technology in which audio, video and 3-d visual, 360 degree shows and display is used to show varied knowledge.

This is the only museum depicting Biography of Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi ,using Sophisticated Technology in the world.

Sarita Udayan

sarita udayan

Sarita Udyan is another picnic spot along the Sabarmati River. It is an ideal destination for a delightful picnic. There are a number of recreational facilities available here for the entertainment of the visitors


trimandir adalaj

A gorgeous non-sectarian trimandir inspired by Akram Vignani Pujya Dada Bhagwan has taken shape at Adalaj on the outskirts of Gandhinagar. The followers of Pujya Dada Bhagwan from all over the world gathered to celebrate the Pranpratistha from 25th to29th December 2002.

The central sanctum of the temple has a 13 feet high idol of Shri Simandhar Swami weighing 18 tones. The idol of His shaashan dev Shri Chandrayan Yaksh and devi Shri Panchanguli Yakshini are also placed. It also houses the idols of Shri RushabhDev Bhagwan, Shri Ajitnath Bhagwan , Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan and Shri Mahaveer Bhagwan, Shri Chakreshwari Devi and Shri Padmavati Devi. The first sanctum of the trimandir includes the Shivling, Parvati Devi, Hanumanji and Ganpatiji whereas the third temple includes Shri Yogeshwar Krishna Bhagwan, Tirupati Balaji Shri Shrinathji, Shri Bhadrakali Mataji and Shri Amba Mataji.